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HVAC Services Houston

At Strong Tower AC and Heating, we service, repair, maintain, replace and sell all aspects of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) in a residential and commercial setting. Our HVAC services Houston technicians service and repair all brands, including: Trane, Rheem, American Standard, Goodman, Carrier, Lennox, Amana, Ruud, Maytag, York, Comfortmaker, Heil, Tempstar and all others. At Strong Tower AC & Heating, we provide new installations in your existing home or if you’re building a new custom home we can engineer and design a high efficiency system that meets your needs.

When we’re talking about Houston and the surrounding areas, properly working HVAC systems are a critical part of your life. Our hot months are brutal in ways other people will never even experience, and come cold months we get our fair share of freezing nights, too! That makes having a reliable and effective system a must, and you need it to be at its best to remain comfortable. That’s why the HVAC services Houston team at Strong Tower A/C and Heating offer top-class HVAC services!

Best Air Conditioning and Heating Companies Houston

Our certified and trained professionals have been offering Houston and surrounding areas the best in reliable service and care for years! Our main objective for Strong Tower A/C and Heating is customer-focused service and providing superior solutions. In other words, our priority is always satisfying our customers. Our commitment to exceed customers’ expectations is what makes us one of the best air conditioning and heating companies in Houston.

Your air conditioning and heating units are machines, and machines will see wear and tear when constantly being used. When you neglect maintenance, the result is malfunctioning equipment, expensive operation cost, and can even result in untimely repair. But when you get routine care from one of the best air conditioning and heating companies in Houston you’ll get the exact opposite of all of that. Our professional technicians how critical HVAC care is, and making sure your system gets it.

Commercial Air Conditioning Houston

Your office air conditioning performance is the last thing you’re thinking about when operating a business. Keeping your place of work at a comfortable and consistent temperature shouldn’t have to be an issue. Our certified commercial air conditioning Houston technicians are fully committed in their work to make sure your HVAC unit works consistently and efficiently, at an affordable price. Does your company need commercial HVAC services? Strong Tower A/C and Heating is the most dependable, A+ BBB credited company in Houston and surrounding areas. Our commercial air conditioning Houston technicians handling all your HVAC needs for your business location.

Strong Tower A/C and Heating has been backed by industry-leading and certified professionals and top-of-the-line commercial air conditioning Houston products for years now. Our commercial air conditioning Houston team has helped businesses of all sizes and scale remain productive, comfortable, and confident no matter the season, and when you choose Strong Tower A/C and Heating as your HVAC contractor, you’re choosing experts that can get the job done, the first time.


Best Commercial Air Conditioning Companies in Houston

As a Houston, TX business owner, you completely understand that air conditioning in your building or property affect your budget. We know you’re thinking of the bottom line, and that’s why we respond to your commercial air conditioning and heating requests immediately. This is what makes us one of the best commercial air conditioning companies in Houston.

The longer it takes for your commercial air conditioning system to get up and running, the more money your losing, and the longer you don’t address the issue, the more expensive repairs will be. That’s why it’s important to contact Strong Tower A/C and Heating at the first sign you need commercial air conditioning service! We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and this is what makes us one of the best commercial air conditioning companies in Houston.


Residential Air Conditioning Houston

When Houston heat comes barreling in, you and your love ones need an efficient air conditioning system to keep your Houston area home comfortable. And the same can be said for the winter season—when the cold weather arrives, you need a dependable heating system that will keep your home warmer than the outside weather. Strong Tower A/C and Heating have certified and experienced residential air conditioning Houston technicians who can provides residential services for home air conditioning and ventilation units.

Our residential air conditioning Houston services range from basic air conditioning installations or maintenance to extensive replacements and repairs. We try to save our customers money by putting in the maximum effort to repairing your existing air conditioning system. If your A/C system cannot be repaired, our residential air conditioning Houston technicians will help you select a new unit that is right for your home. To help prevent unnecessary expensive repairs, we offer preventative home air conditioning maintenance plans as well.

Best Residential Air Conditioning Companies in Houston

Whether you want to repair and existing unit, or install a new air conditioning system, choose Strong Tower A/C and Heating as we are regarded as one of the best residential air conditioning companies in Houston. Whatever the case, our residential air conditioning trained experts will help you along the way to selecting the A/C unit for you and your family, as well as offer honest and up-front pricing.

We’re not satisfied unless you’re satisfied, so we’ll make sure your air conditioning repair or new installation works as efficiently as possible. We value our comforts and that what makes us one of the best residential air conditioning companies in Houston.

Indoor Air Quality Houston

There is a lot more to comfort than just comfortable temperatures. Ask yourself this: are you completely satisfied with the air quality in your home or business? If you’re not satisfied, don’t you think that it is time to make the effort and to do something about it? With the proper air quality systems and the services offered by experienced and certified indoor air quality Houston technicians, you can start cleaning up the air in your home or business. Don’t put your health and comfort on the line. Contact the indoor air quality Houston specialists at Strong Tower A/C and Heating and get excellent indoor air quality services you need from the experts.

We take pride in making your living space more comfortable and healthier environment. The indoor air quality Houston experts at Strong Tower A/C and Heating offer quality repair, replacement and repair of indoor air quality systems throughout Houston and surrounding areas.


Best Indoor Air Quality Companies in Houston

Some people might think that the air outside is the only thing that can cause allergies, they’re wrong. Indoor air quality can also have an effect on your health tremendously. In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) say we spend about 90% of our day indoors and attributes poor indoor air quality as is the cause for common coughs, sneezes and colds, which can eventually lead to asthmatic and allergic reactions.

In order to improve the indoor air quality of your Houston home or office, you must perform the required maintenance on your HVAC unit. It is also beneficial to install an indoor air quality device. Here at Strong Tower A/C and Heating we professionals installing indoor air quality systems. We are referred as one of the best indoor air quality companies in Houston.

HVAC Zone Systems Houston

Zoning might be the solution to your home or office comfort! The art of zoning a home or building is simple – set the individual control of different areas instead of having only one thermostat to control the entire space. This can be done by having multiple systems or by using a single system with a multi-speed compressor along with a duct system with electronic dampers. The HVAC zone systems Houston technicians at Strong Tower A/C and Heating can help you with all your zoning needs. You count on us to provide the solution to all you comfort and air quality concerns.

Zoning is especially useful for houses that have two levels and just one mechanical system. In this situation, one is experiencing comfortable, while the other level uncomfortable. Another design can include the living space on one zone, while setting an alternate area is in another zone. Zoning can also help businesses that have different needs throughout their office area. One area may have a lot of people while another area might have few people but a lot of equipment that produces heat. Each area should be individually controlled for “zoned” comfort. We are the HVAC zone systems Houston experts at installing zoning systems to help you enjoy the comfort you desire in your home or business.

Best Zone Systems Companies in Houston

A good performing AC & Heating zoned system has the ability to produce cool air and heat each zone independently. It can contain a priority zone while others wait to follow after the priority zone thermostat demand along with the HVAC zone controller boards that show what the zone(s) are doing including supply air temperatures.

While you can pay less upfront for a cheaper system without these features you’ll end up paying more the first time you start having problems with it. Because it will take longer to repair it every time it malfunctions. We understand how to properly install and use zone systems which is why we are referred as one of the best zone systems companies in Houston.