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You’ll find the air conditioning experts you need at Strong Tower A/C and Heating. Our team of professionals is standing by ready to help with all of your residential and commercial heating and cooling needs. If you’re looking to replace or upgrade your current air conditioning system in Harris County, Texas, contact us today and we’ll get you the results you’re looking for. Our highly trained technicians offer a variety of air conditioning services including installation, maintenance and repair.

Armstrong Air Air Conditioners

At Strong Tower, our EPA Certified, licensed and insured air conditioning experts have decades of local Houston area experience and can help ensure the performance of your current system. A properly installed and serviced, efficient AC system will give you many years of summer comfort and efficiency. If a ew system is in order, we can design and install a brand new Energy Star® central air conditioning system from Armstrong.

Stay cool with Strong Tower taking care of your AC services!

Houston, TX Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

If your cooling system isn't operation properly, we can help with professional AC repairs and emergency service. If your system is acting up, take these steps as your problem may be something you can solve:

  • Step one: Set your thermostat to "Cool" and set the desired temperature below ambient. With this complete, did the system attempt to start? If "NO", check the power breaker to your AC system and power supply. If "YES":
  • Step two: Is your indoor air handler or furnace running but it is blowing warm air? If "YES" check to see if your outdoor unit is running. If it is not running, you need our help. If it is running:
  • Step three: Is there heavy frost or ice on your indoor coil or refrigerant lines leading? If "YES", check and change your indoor air filter if it dirty. Also ensure that all of you indoor grills and registers are open. Did this solve you problem? If the answer is "NO":
  • Step four: Call us now and we'll dispatch a professional AC service tech.

Professional Air Conditioning Service

When you're searching for an HVAC company in Houston, we are the reliable air conditioning contractor you can trust. You can count on the specialists at Strong Tower A/C and Heating. No matter what brand of central air conditioner you have, we can service all types and brands and are well-versed in zoning and duct work required for home air conditioning repair or installation.

The top three problems we see for AC systems in Houston are:

  1. Dirty air filters: As your air conditioning or ventilation system works to cool your home or office, restricted airflow will quickly cause it to break down. If your filters aren’t cleaned monthly, dust, pet dander and other pollutants can cause significant damage very quickly.
  2. Dirty coils: The coils of your cooling system are designed to keep the air moving over them cold enough to maintain a comfortable temperature. When they get clogged with dirt and debris, the air won’t be as cold as it should be when it gets to you. Additionally, dirty coils can mean that your system’s compressor runs for longer periods of time, and this can make it wear out faster than it should.
  3. Blocked vents: The vents in your home or office are designed to channel cool air from your AC unit throughout the rooms in your home or business.

New ArmstrongAir® Air Conditioning Installations

Whether you need an air conditioning system installed in your new home, or simply need to replace your old equipment, Strong Tower A/C and Heating has the experience to help. Our technicians specialize in safe and efficient air conditioning design for a variety of applications including homes and commercial applications. We have a strong commitment to customer service and quality workmanship. You can expect timely and cost-effective service from Strong Tower A/C and Heating.

We feature Armstrong® central air conditioning systems. Whether you’re looking for the most efficient most advanced variable speed system, or an affordable replacement, Armstrong® is a great choice. Armstrong® features include:

Pro Series® Models:

  • Pro Series models are Energy Star® rated air conditioners that work with Comfort Sync controls to adjust cooling output and deliver precise temperatures and exceptional energy efficiency.
  • Variable speed or two-stage models
  • Variable speed condenser fan motors
  • Efficiency up to 20.0 SEER
  • Comfort Sync® controls for optimized performance, and system access anywhere with your Comfort Sync® Apple or Android mobile App.

Single Stage Armstrong:

  • Efficiency up to 16.0 SEER
  • Omniguard® total corrosion protection technology

Mitsubishi Mini Split Air Conditioning

Ductless systems are a flexible solution for room additions or anywhere ductwork is a challenge. Cool one room or an entire home. Systems install high on the wall, in the ceiling or near the floor, eliminating the need for ductwork. Sizes range from 5,000 to 42,000 Btu's and units are available from Strong Tower A/C and Heating for both single and multi zone systems.

Ductless mini split systems are a great alternative to traditional HVAC systems, particularly when there is no existing ductwork. Because they can be effectively zoned, and because there is no typical ductwork, ductless systems can be 30% more efficient for both air conditioning and heating.

We are Mitsubishi Diamond® mini split heat pump experts. If you want to know if a Mitsubishi mini split AC system is the answer for you, call us. On of our expert HVAC professionals will evaluate your application and get you the information you need to make the right system choice.

A Bit About Us:

  • BBB Accredited: We are Accredited by the Houston Better Businesses Bureau and proud of our A+ rating.
  • ArmstrongAir® Pro Team Contractors: We have been recognized by Armstrong as on of their top Houston area dealers.
  • Texas HVAC Contractors License: Number TACLB00026172E
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